About Tai Yu Group


Established since 1989,   Tai Yu Group International Co. Ltd. has been operating as a manufacturer of innovating Home appliances and Healthcare products for over 30 years.   With headquarter in Taiwan,  Tai Yu Group has its own manufacturing facilities in Dongguan and Taichung,  a regional sales office in Hongkong and our design office in Europe.  Our products include Kitchen appliances,   Home appliances, Babycare and Mothercare items,  as well as Medical care products.   Our vision is to bring innovation and fashion together to create better value and usage experience of the products we developed and manufactured.    At the same time bringing constantly to the market new innovation in technology and construction to keep our customers ahead of others and always stay competitive.

Our Group has acquired ISO 9001:2015  and ISO 13485:2016, affirming our quality management system and enhance productivity.  We will continuously seek for excellency in performance to keep the highest quality standard in all of our products.

Innovative design

Through developing our products in better and nicer cosmetic design,  we constantly give our customers nice surprises and successfully create better market acceptance for our items.    Over the years we are winning various international and regional design awards and certifications,  effectively upgrading our products competitiveness in the markets.

Approval standards

Our products are manufactured according to strict quality control guidelines, complying with all major international approval standards.   These are symbols of safety, quality and reliability, giving us the marketing advantage by building consumers trust, confidence and long term partnership..