Portable MESH Nebulizer



  • Easy Operator
  • Provide Muti - Power
  • Small Size
  • MESH Tehcnology
  • Low Noise
  • Power : AA/LR6 X2 , Mirco USB, AC Adapter
  • Particle Size : 0.5 - 5.0μm
  • Medicine Container Capacity : Max. 7cc
  • Residual Volume : approx. 0.2ml
  • Dimensions : 49.6(L)mm x 49.6(W)mm x 124.8(H)mm
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BBU01 has a light and stylish design concept, it allows users to operate easily.
Innovative and colorful elements are also being added into the product during design stage. It makes the medical treatment device with fashion and stylish theory. BBU01 is a reliable health care product.

BBU01 has use the technology from MESH chips, which keeps the particle size below 5μm. This would enable the medicine to reach to the lung cells which achievethe treatment effect. It also allows you to do different kind of treatment when you use the mask or mouth piece. It is able to generate the atomization in short time, which help to reduce the treatment time required. This would not affect the treatment effect and it is moderate and with no side effect. The friendly design of low battery warning function and low water level auto-cut-off system allow users to use the device easier.

In operation design, we try to provide users with maximum convenience. It has not only single easy operation button, but also providing two ways of power supply system of battery and micro USB. It allows you to use the device wherever you are, for example in car, outskirt or at home… It has low noise, which reduce the irritation during the treatment.

Adult or kids are able to carry the unit with no burden with small size and light weight.